Australia’s Past Events

Australia’s Memory Tree


August 3-5th Retreat at Vijayaloka

July 28th Bellingen NSW. Tara Introduction Day.

July 8th, Adelaide. tara Gathering.


December 3rd Sydney, Art Gallery of NSW Goddess Divine Energy Exhibition, 2 Dance Offerings of White Tara and 21 Praises.

2006 Retreat at Vijayaloka, Sydney.

May 20th. Sydney Annual Combined Buddhist Wesak Celebration, Circular Quay. White Tara and 21 Praises.

Feburary, Kangaroo Valley. Workshop Introduction to 21 Praises.


Sept – Oct. Adelaide, 5 Offerings, Sydney 4 Offerings, Bathurst, and Northern Rivers 3 offerings.
Tour with the monks of Dzogchen Monastery and local aboriginal groups in an exchange of sacred dance.

Fundraising parties, Tara party and Bollywood party.

Annual Retreat at Vijajyaloka

2005 July 9-10th Adelaide. Workshop of Medicine Buddha and 21 Praises in preparation for the Cham tour.

July 8th Sydney, Festival of Tibet. Katrina led dance Offering.

May 28th Sydney, Annual Combined Buddhist Wesak Celebration. 16 Offering Goddess Dance.

March 4-5th Sydney. Sky dance, Earth Dance, Sacred Dance workshop, Buddhist Library. Prep for Cham


August 25-29th Sydney, Shapiro Gallery. Offering Goddess Dance at Opening of Divine Feminine Exhibition.

2004 Annual Retreat at Vijayaloka

2004 May Sydney Annual Combined Buddhist Wesak Celebration, 21 Praises.


October Sydney, Parramatta. Offering at Festival of Spirit

2003 Annual Retreat at Vijayaloka

2003 July 5-6th Sydney Short 21 Praises workshop at NECTAR Conference.

2003 June 7th, Sydney Summer Hill. Introduction to 21 Praises of Tara Workshop

2003 Feb 16th Sydney, Walk Against the War, Peace March, 50,000 people. Offering of 21 Praises.

December 30th Sydney, Offering to Lama Choedak at White Tara Retreat

2002 August 11th, Sydney, NSW Writers Center. Offering as a part of Minmia’s Sit Down, Grow Up Aboriginal Women’s Business teaching weekend.

2002 Annual Retreat at Pennant Hills

2002 June Sydney. Offering to Dzogchen Rimpoche at Sophies House.


December 7-9th Sydney. Sacred Dance for Wisdom and Healing workshop with Prema and Anahata.

2001 October 21 day Peace Pilgrimage to India and Nepal of 8 Sydney Taras.
2001 August Annual Retreat at Pennant Hills.

2001 July 8th, Sydney Festival of Tibet. Offering of 21 Praises.

2001 June 15-17th Adelaide Workshop and Offering of 21 Praises

2001 Feburary 3-5th, Blue Mountains Sacred Dance Workshop with Prema and Anahata.

2001 January Myall Lakes, Sogyal Rinpoche’s Retreat, Offering of 16 Offering Goddess Dance.

October 8th, Blue Mountains, Vajrasattva Centre, Blessing Offering for land for the stupa.

2000 June, Sydney Offering to Tenzin Palmo at her Teachings.

2000 May 18th Sydney Buddhist Library, Offering of 21 Praises of Tara for Wesak.

2000 May and September, Retreats

2000 January, Myall Lakes, Australia, Offering 21 praises on Sogyal Rimpoche’s Annual Retreat


September 12th, Sydney Women and Spiritual Practice Conference, Offering of 21 Praises.

1999 May Heart Center, Sydney. Workshop with Prema and Anahata.


October, 1st Peace Pilgrimage to India and Nepal and 5 representatives from Sydney.


Blue Mountains, Retreat with Prema and Anahata.

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