Felicity’s Schedule

Felicity Oswell, Australia

Felicity Oswell is a Level 4 Tara Dance Teacher/Mentor from Australia. She has been leading the Sydney Tara Circle for ten years. sharing many public offerings and retreats, culminating in the Cham tour of 2005. The Sydney Tara Dhatu group toured with Dzogchen Rinpoche and his dancing monks and were joined by local aboriginal groups in an exchange of sacred dance.

Fluent in Japanese, she has established the dance in Japan and leads workshops their several times a year.

She is an artist, teacher, dancer and creativity/spiritual educator. Felicity has been teaching Art and Meditation in Sydney jails. She has a group of dancers she leads in belly dance and Hilal dance. She is a teacher in the national system of adult education in Australia (TAFE), helping youth earn welfare and youth work diplomas. She is known in Australia for her pioneering work with the Wombmoon calendar.

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