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Summer Tara Dance Teachings in Russia

By Zahira, Level 1 facilitator in St. Petersburg, Russia

This summer I have offered to facilitate the Tara Dance at two events – at the Russian Ruhaniat camp and at our big Russian Sacred Dance camp, Inlakesh. It was a big work and great experience for me.

Fortunately, I was not alone – my friend Alima helped me to lead and played drum. I played guitar. I felt her support in every moment of our sessions. And in every event there was some thing that felt like some kind of test.

First was Ruhaniat camp. It is a very deep retreat-camp. The majority of the participants are sufi-students, and there was a very deep and strong Teacher – Mariam Baker. The first day Mariam

ask me about Tara and told me that she wanted to come to my session. And she really came!!!!! It was big test – to lead Tara with translation from my Russian to English – I never did anything like this

before. I have a big gratitude to Ilona for her wonderful translation!

It was a big work for my mind, but my speech and thought was so clear and exact, like never before.

The second event was Inlakesh camp. At first I found it a test for my ego, because only 4 or 5 people came to my class. The camp had around 1,500 people attending and only 5 came to my class! At first I did not feel good about this… i was very surprised. But after my second session i was sure, that it was fine for me in this moment of my learning how to lead Tara.

I led Tara every day, for 9 days. Every day i played guitar. On the last session I start to feel myself very tired. Alima was ill. So I announced that it was last our session for this camp.

But, on next day two new women came to me and asked me to show them the movements of the protector dance. When we started to dance I felt powerful and inspired. I was without guitar – we did it without any music. Some of my students came and join to us Alima came too… she was very surprised. Everyone was very inspired by this spontaneous Tara Dance. It was beautiful!

I feel my self, like little child, who starts to grow very quickly….


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