Tara Is Dancing in Argentina

Lila Ventura traveled the world for 21 years studying art, music, dance, spirituality and healing. She settled in her native Portugal for some time and developed a circle of dancing Taras there. Her goal was to bring methods of healing and spirituality back to her country.

She began facilitating a circle near Lisbon in 2003. She moved to the south of the country living in a spiritual centre, near Monchique where the group invited Trulshik and Tulku Rinpoches to teach each year. She taught a small group and was fortunate enough to receive empowerment from the Lamas and to present the dance to them.

They were very happy with the dance work.

Lila then began to present the dance in different areas in Portugal including practices integral the Tara experience she had learned from the Lamas.

On a journey to South America last year she met her current sweetheart and together they bought land in the San Marcos Sierras region of Argentina. They have been developing a center on their land and are eager to have friends come and help them celebrate.

This area is known throughout Argentina as a conscious, ecologic and productive community. There is a wonderful arts market with different kinds of handcrafts, and a number of centers for therapy, meditation, dance and music.

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